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Between education, technology,
science and arts

Alquimétricos is a collection of open source didactic toys: building blocks to mount structures and learn-while-playing about geometry, maths, architecture, mechanics, physics, chemistry, and much more. The initiative is focused on the design of DIY educational materials which are meant to be produced using a wide range of procedures, from ultra-low-cost-low-tech tool set (scissors and nails) to high-end-FabLab-standards (laser cutter, CNC milling, 3D printing), using an equally wide ranged material sort, including recycled packaging plastics, rubbers, cloths and cardboard composites throughout textile-embedded polymers, organic fibers or even lab-harvested fungus.  Alquimétricos are meant to play, learn and share.

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The objective is to awaken the reflection on consumerism and programmed obsolescence and to freely disponibilize a game-change educational resource (such as structural building blocks) on communities that cannot afford a box of Lego,  K'NEX or those good-quality-but-non-affordable-toys.

We develop toy kits, kits for making toys, didactic guides for educators and activities to do at school, outdoors, with your family. Our priority is to minimize the entry barrier to technologies, enabling this high transformation potential resource for everybody who wants to play and learn.


A global project.
And you can be part of it

Do you want to be a facilitator? Contribute to the sustainability of the project by making donations? Buy kits of toys and tools for you or to donate? Help us to take this free technology to more schools, cultural centers, artistic residences. We can get where you are, physically or virtually.

Alquimétricos combines a multiplicity of arts and technologies to stimulate the integrated development and sensory, logical and expressive experimentation. Though, community develops a wide variety of open educational contents, documented and ready to be downloaded, hacked and shared.

2018 awards


Criative Learning Challenge

Alquimétricos is part of the MIT Media Lab and Lemann Foundation's Creative Learning Challenge 2018 together with other 6 Brazilian distinctive educational projects.


ArCiTec Prize

Alquibots was honored by the UTN-FRBA (National Technological University - Buenos Aires Regional Faculty) with the ArCiTec prize for arts, science and technology.



The tech project Alquibots was part of the Red Bull Basement Hacker Residence between July and September 2018 in São Paulo, Brazil

Alquimétricos started in 2015 in Argentina and immediately moved to Brazil, where we experience, share and develop this initiative in depth. The last three years were very intense: full of trips, workshops, interventions, and awards that brought us to Buenos Aires. Rio de Janeiro, Tucumán, São Paulo, Toronto, Boston, Santa Fe, Curitiba, Shenzhen, and Bahia. Want to be part of the tour? Write to us!

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Email: alquimetricos@gmail.com

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