Who we are?

We, from Alquimétricos, love to make and that’s why we call ourselves makers.

We are an international Community of interdisciplinary collaborators and we’re focused on sharing an extremely powerful educational resource, mainly in the most vulnerable socioeconomic context.

What we do?

We develop a collection of open source toys that can be made by making use of analog or digital processes with recyclable or alternative material and we make it available for educators and any curious person – willing to play, learn and make.

What kind of toys does Alquimétricos make?

They’re geometric building blocks with which is possible to build geodesic structures and other infinite possibilities – flat, three-dimensional, simple or complex, static or mobile – inviting, through play, to learn Geometry, Math, Architecture, Physics, Mechanics, Robotics and so on.

Where do we want to go?

Alquimétricos was founded in 2015 and, since then, we have taken this Project to several different countries where we received awards and recognition for our work. We want to expand our reach so we can take kits, workshops and educational resources to underprivileged communities where they do not have access to products such as Lego® or other building blocks.

Wanna join the revolution?

In order to keep expanding, we need talented and passionate professionals We seek collaborators who wish to join the Alquimétricos community.

We work with a cooperative logic, where roles are defined according to interests, knowledge and what else you wish to do!




Technical research. Product design, methodologies, technologies. Documenting the procedures. Testing and gathering experiences. Updating repositories, bibliographical references, knowledge databases. Managing free intellectual property. Writing, sketching, instructions, tutorials. First of all, we want to share this information with our community of collaborators, facilitators, designers and manufacturers of Alquimetricos. Later, with everyone. That is why we need…

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Comunication and Community Management

If writing, social media influencing are interesting functions to you, we surely want you by our side for the next challenges: we look for social media management specialists. Tasks include updating and automatizing posts in our web platforms, blogging, video blogging, narration and storytelling and promoting future activities. Follow the project evolution with internal and…

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Web development and design

Our website and social media have been created and developed with a lot of effort and love, but we know there is still room for improvement. We want to develop and turn them into platforms of exchange and spreading knowledge so people all over the world can access, hack and publish their Alquimétricos creations to…

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Translator and Multilingual Management

Alquimétricos was born in 2015 in Argentina. Now, we also live in Brazil, but we travel through North America, Europe, Africa and we have even been to China! As in an international community, it is vital to translate and manage the wide range of content and multilingual partners in different languages. We do not need…

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Didactics and knowledge management

Help us convey the message of our technologies and methodologies – and even our learning experiences – through our prototypes and manuals. It is vital that the project can reach more people around the world making use of a simple and inclusive language. We look for a talented mind to edit texts and manuals. Someone…

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Audiovisual production

Alquimétricos is a story factory. Through these stories, many things happen – many times, simultaneously. We are looking for somebody who’s interested in recording, editing and post producing audiovisual, informative, educational, promotional and performance pieces to document and promote the project. You’ll have the freedom to create! We look for people in whom we can…

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Legal/ Financial/ Administrative Management

We look for organized people who can deal with administrative, financial and law and policies bureaucracy, anticipating conflicts and investigate regulatory benchmark, without steeping out of the creative environment. We wish to strengthen Alquimétricos management through methodologies, tools and procedures that can guarantee the project horizontality – with simplified procedures and costs reduced to the…

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Cultural management and Executive production

We are looking for someone who can map opportunities to implement our project. We seek talents with operational skills to activate Alquimétricos workshops, courses and interventions – whether in its planning, production or execution – helping with logistics, eventual red tape and with other magical resources so that each project is a success. Você pode…

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We want to expand our reach and strengthen the team’s abilities. In order to do that, we look for people who can guide us through the fundraising process with subsidies and scholarships. We expect this person can take the agenda and calls applications and can elicit strategic ideas to improve and refine our project in…

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What have we accomplished?

In 2018, we were chosen to receive a scholarship which included a visit to MIT Media Lab and we also visited the Lifelong Kindergarten in Boston with support from Rede Brasileira de Aprendizagem Criativa (which we are members) and Lemann Foundation. We participated in Creative Commons Summit (which we are also members) in Lisbon and in Toronto; we won the Art, Science, and Technology ArCiTec award of Universidade Tecnológica Nacional - Escola Regional de Buenos Aires and we presented the Play_Alquibots() in Centro Cultural San Martín. The year of 2018 ended with a wonderful experience in Shenzhen, China, where we were invited by the community GOSH community (Gathering for Open Science Hardware).


We fund our activities through educational, artistic and productive projects. During the last 3 years, we’ve raised resources that allowed us to develop Alquimétricos. We’ve won awards, scholarships, Art sponsorship and we’ve sold products and services based on open source technologies we use. The experience showed us several scalable opportunities: that is why we need you in our network.


We are an open group and we easily adapt to the challenge of working in a network: we evaluate results and procedures in each project, and we seek ways to share resources in a fair and dynamic way, incentivizing effort and return.

Combining flexibility and transparency, horizontality and responsibility is an exercise that defines our work routine. Strengthening and formalizing such decision-making, participation, evaluation and permanent improvement processes is a top priority and a learning experience to which we commit to structure in small as well as huge daily opportunities.


Our objective is to take this and other eco Technologies to all corners of the Earth, whenever possible. Yes, to your neighborhood too! We live in the Glocalization era, the things that happen in your block meet the things that happen on the other side of the world and we share and communicate in never seen quantities and speed. In this hyper technological world, yet extremely unequal, we have the opportunity to generate impact in an organic, crescent and viral way while we live and have (lots of) fun!


Behind this “small” idea, we have deployed some of the greatest fundamental principles of design, production, methodological approach, material, cultural, financial barriers and of symbolic entrance.

Maker Culture

We concentrate in didactic toys under the logic of are designed under DIY and DIWO DIY (Do it yourself) and DIWO (Do it with others) logic, as an instrument of social, economic, personal and collective development supported by technology, science and arts.

Inclusion and Technological sovereignty

We deal with two major problems: excess waste and lack of educational programs which focus on low cost technology with high educational impact as a way to build a fairer and healthier society.

Free Knowledge

Everything we do is open source, because we believe knowledge should be shared and the right to play should not be limited by the opportunities of access to didactic and industrialized toys.

Horizontal Community

We organize ourselves in a cooperative way, with a logic based on the distribution according to the type of work and time you are willing to commit to.

Everyone can be part of the project they like, from committing to some hours per week, month to leading and coordinating one of the areas.

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

Our toys can be made by alternative and recyclable materials (inviting people to reflect upon consumerism and programed obsolesce) and we develop educational guides for teachers and activities abut Art, Science and Technology that can be delivered in schools, open air spaces or in the household.

Innovative pedagogy

We’re inspired by pedagogical movements which prioritize STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math), by the educational proposal of MIT Media Lab known as Creative Learning, by Constructivism and by Constructionism. We’re always open to incorporate new proposals and educational approaches.

Exponential growth

Finally, we’re company/startup, with social purpose. We validate different sources of funding and sustainability and now we seek to expand and transform them sustainably around the world. We don’t think in competition but in a worldwide collaboration network.